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About Us

We are an East Midlands based photography service, we specialise in business portrait photography, commercial photography and photography workshops.

We have many years experience in making many types of photos, including business portraits and business premises, both inside and outside and teaching workshops based around photography.

Whatever your photographic needs may be please send us your requirements and we can discuss further.

About the boss!

As Ben was born and raised in Nottingham, he has made it his aim to photograph this fair city and show it off at its best; photographing Nottinghamshire, taking advantage of the wide variety of the county's rural and urban features.

You can often catch Ben on the city centre doing street photography or photographing the amazing architecture of Nottingham.

From an early age Ben, with his family, spent many a weekend hiking in Derbyshire, the Lakes and Scotland, and since then has travelled around the British Isles taking in Cornwall, the South East, Northumberland and the Isle of Skye to name a few of his favourite places.

Photography is something Ben has been very passionate about for many years, he has  always looks for a different viewpoint to the normal holiday snap.

Ben says, “Having photography as a hobby first and foremost has enabled me to get out and experience this wonderful country.”

There have been many very early morning starts to capture the sunrise, followed by late nights to photograph the sunset at coastal regions in the North East and South Coast.

Ben has had the pleasure to spend time in Athens, Rome and the Oman where he has photographed many well known sights and also the less well know, putting small outback places on the map.

Ben enjoys watching and photographing rugby, having played as a winger for Keyworth RFC, but since he broke his ankle whilst playing, he has taken a less active roll on the field and mainly sticks to side lines and enjoying a cold one with the team after a hard fought game.